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Skilled Criminal Defense For Catonsville And Throughout Maryland

Are you facing a drug case in Catonsville, Maryland? Criminal defense attorney Bradley Shepherd helps those in Catonsville and statewide find solutions to a wide range of criminal offenses. He handles a wide range of cases that include but are not limited to:

As a solo attorney, Bradley Shepherd has gotten cases dismissed, returned jury acquittals and successfully pled many cases. Whether you are facing a state or federal charge, he knows the law and can help.

How To Choose The Right Attorney

Some people put too much thought into choosing an attorney. However, it is just like choosing any other service provider. You should select one with established credentials, but also one you respect and get along with.

Bradley’s Approach

In order to let individuals go over their cases without them taking a financial risk, Bradley Shepherd offers free phone consultations. He wants people to get a chance to know him as a person, a friend and an attorney before they decide to hire him. In addition, this time allows Bradley to properly evaluate the situation and lay out options for you to move forward with your case.

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To schedule a free phone consultation, call or fill out the brief form below. BSS Law serves the surrounding communities of Columbia, Baltimore and much more.

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