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Help From A Skilled DUI Defense Attorney Can Make A Tremendous Difference

A DWI/DUI doesn’t need to be the end of your good driving record. If this is your first charge, a DWI/DUI defense attorney from BSS Law, LLC, can show you how to make sure it’s your last.

Criminal defense attorney Bradley Shepherd defends against all types of drunk driving charges and takes the following approach:

  • Challenge the legality of the police stop
  • Examine field sobriety tests and breathalyzer results for errors
  • Prepare for vigorous cross-examination at trial to expose weaknesses in the state’s case

Even if defending the case is not likely to succeed, Bradley will strive to get your sentence reduced to probation before judgment, or otherwise minimize your exposure to consequences. He can also help you get life treatment, such as court-mandated DUI Alcohol Education Programs as well as ensure that your license isn’t revoked or suspended.

Failing To Hire A DUI Defense Attorney Could Cost You Your License

If you’ve previously had a DWI/DUI, you face enhanced penalties as a repeat offender, which include up to:

  • Three years incarceration
  • $3,000 in fines
  • 18 months without a license

As an experienced DWI/DUI attorney in Catonsville, Maryland, Bradley Shepherd can explain the penalties and your options moving forward.

Additional DUI Consequences

All DUIs and DWIs carry the potential for severe consequences, including incarceration. Additionally, you may be forced to place an interlock device (breathalyzer) in your car, and the Motor Vehicle Association (MVA) may give you “points,” which result in increased insurance costs, and/or suspend/revoke your driver’s license.

Bradley can help explain all of the potential consequences and assist you by either negotiating with the state’s Attorney for a lesser sentence or by taking the case to trial. Below are the maximum sentences for DUIs and DWIs as well as mandatory MVA consequences (more consequences may exist depending on the facts).

What You Should Know About Maryland DUI Law

Here are a few things to know about Maryland DWI and DUI laws:

  • Maryland DUI charges begin at .08% blood alcohol content for adults 21 and over
  • Maryland DUI charges begin at .01% blood alcohol content for adults 21 and under
  • Maryland drivers are not obligated to submit to a field sobriety test
  • Maryland DUI and DWI charges are classified as misdemeanors and not felonies

No matter the circumstances of your charges, you can rely on my skills as a Maryland DUI defense attorney to represent you in court. With a professional DUI attorney by your side, you have a much better chance of beating the charges or at least reducing the penalties.

Reach Out Today

While every state has DWI and DUI laws, you need a local Maryland DUI Attorney to handle your local case. Criminal defense attorney Bradley Shepherd can guide you through the process of defending yourself against allegations of impaired driving. He understands the local laws and how they affect the penalties.

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