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Your Maryland Drug Charges Should Be Taken Seriously

Since the 1980’s the war on drugs has prioritized the prosecution of drug users and dealers. While recent years have seen the state of Maryland dramatically shift its focus from incarceration to rehabilitation when it comes to drug users, the process remains very complicated.

The BSS Law Approach

Criminal defense attorney Bradley Shepherd with BSS Law defends against those facing a wide range of drug offenses in both state and federal court.

He takes pride in offering skilled criminal defense representation in the courtroom, but also ensuring that his clients get the necessary drug treatment that they need. For many individuals, drug use and abuse are familiar problems that they’ve had for many years.

While beating the charge is important, setting a client up for success in the future so that they never need to hire an attorney again is always the main objective.

Oftentimes, the line between user and dealer can be difficult to draw. Far too frequently, the state’s attorneys prosecute an individual as a distributor without proper evidence to support that charge. Since the charge of distribution is a serious felony, hiring an attorney who is experienced in drug cases is critical. Distribution cases often hinge upon eyewitness testimony, informant testimony and expert witness testimony.

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It takes a seasoned attorney who knows the drug game to effectively cross-examine and discredit these types of witnesses. Let me help.

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