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Facing A Firearm Or Weapon Charge In Maryland? You Need A Skilled Defense Attorney.

Police and state’s Attorneys tend to take handguns, firearms and weapons charges very seriously. For that reason, the potential consequences of a conviction can be severe. If you’ve been charged with one of these charges, you are facing significant jail time even for a first-time offense.

The laws relating to handguns and firearms are some of the most convoluted and complicated in the state of Maryland. In addition to that, the nomenclature of firearms is a unique language unto itself. Knowing what a regulated and an unregulated firearm is, magazine limits, barrel length restrictions, Handgun Qualification Licenses, Concealed Carry Permits, etc., is just the beginning of what it takes to successfully represent a client in this complex area of the law.

Hiring a knowledgeable firearms attorney will help simplify a complicated process and provide you with the best opportunity for success.

Experienced Defense For Weapon Offenses

Solo criminal defense attorney Bradley Shepherd has defended many people in similar situations in Catonsville and throughout the state of Maryland facing weapon offenses. His track record on acquittals, dismissals and plea bargains speaks for itself. Learn more about him today.

Then contact 443-998-9450 to discuss your charges. You can also send an email. He offers free phone consultations to talk about your case.