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Bradley is an excellent lawyer. Attentive, knowledgeable and direct, Bradley does not beat around the bush and gets right to work. Bradley has always been available when I needed legal advice and has always been able to explain issues regarding a case without muddying the water with a lot of legalese. I’m proud to have Bradley as my legal counsel if/when the situation calls for it.

– J.P. D.

The assistance Mr. Shepherd gave to my son was beyond reproach. I live some 600 miles away and Mr. Shepherd kept me informed regarding my son’s case. He showed me the same respect as he did my son and made a mom feel very secure that he would take care of him even though I could not be there myself. I am eternally grateful.

– Felicia B.

My husband and I sought out legal assistance due to ongoing difficulties resolving a dispute with another party. Without hesitation, Bradley jumped in and was able to come to a resolution within hours of his involvement. It’s amazing that what took us several weeks with no solution, could be resolved so quickly with his help! This is actually the second time Bradley has provided me with legal assistance, and both occasions resulted in the same outcome for me. He is an amazing friend and has proven his ability to promptly address very difficult situations in a professional and supportive manner.

– Andrea O.

In September I received four punitive driving violations while speeding in Maryland. My driver’s license was at stake of being suspended or hit with the maximum amount of points. Mr. B. Shepherd Esq. advised and represented me at a court hearing and my $1300+ fines were reduced to $90 with 1 point assessed. I am so grateful for the outcome and have found such a knowledgeable and professional attorney! I will definitely be referring. Thank you again.

– Shawnese A.

I had Mr. Shepherd look into a situation regarding a timeshare which everyone said you are wasting your time and money. Mr. Shepherd was able to resolve the matter after constant negotiation with the company that was agreeable to all. I plan on using Mr. Shepherd for all my personal and business needs in the future.

– David K.

Bradley at BSS Law, LLC is a fantastic attorney. I’ve worked with other attorneys in the past and it was always impossible to get them on the phone. Bradley was always able to answer or get back to me quickly. He was able to get me a good outcome on my case too! I definitely would recommend him.

– Gabriela P.

Saved me From a Huge Mistake

My landlord threatened to get me fired at my job because I wanted out of a stalled short-sale contract and had made major property alterations. He wanted me to extend the short-sale contract, despite the fact that I’d found another house, and wanted me to pay him twice what I owed. Bradley Shepherd addressed all of my issues with my landlord directly, so that I never had to deal with him in person, and he ensured that my landlord cannot take any legal action against me. That was an incredibly stressful time for me, and Mr. Shepherd made the experience so much easier than it could have been, simply by receiving the hostility that was meant for me. Thank you, Bradley!

– Laurel N.

An excellent firm with a great reputation. I have referred many clients over the years, all of whom have been appreciative of the zealous representation and results obtained.

– Oleg F.

Very honest, knowledgeable, and personable professional. I have worked with Mr.Shepherd on multiple occasions and have always been treated with the utmost respect. I will continue to consult with him in future endeavors.

– Taylor K.

BBS Law and its Managing Partner Bradley Shepherd are outstanding, affordable and they offer the highest caliber legal representation available. If you have any legal issues I highly recommend BBS Law and Mr. Shepherd.

– Walter M.

Mr. Shepherd was awesome very reliable very responsible. He took the time to review my case in and out took the extra steps needed to be done for me to come out on top. Very affordable and was able to work with me. He always had time to talk if I had questions or doubts. Next time I or anyone I know need legal advice or representation I will be calling Mr. Shepherd.

– Jon B.

Bradley Shepherd is responsive, approachable, relatable, and very effective. Got me out of a lease in less than 24 hours. He is upfront, considers all options and outcomes, and maintains communication with efficiency. I would use again! Highly recommend.

– Kristin G.