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Skilled Defense Against Assault & Domestic Violence Charges In Maryland

For most people, facing assault or domestic violence charges can come as a major surprise. Oftentimes, you have no clue what’s happening until the police put the cuffs on you. The realities of the system are that any civilian can press charges against another person for assault or domestic violence just by swearing out a criminal charging document.

That’s where criminal defense attorney Bradley Shepherd comes in.

A Skilled Criminal Defense Attorney Here To Protect Your Rights

At BSS Law, LLC, Bradley Shepherd defends against a wide range of criminal charges, including assault and domestic violence. He knows the law and has a track record of acquittals, dismissals and plea bargains. As a skilled advocate, he will stop at nothing to investigate the charges against you and ensure your constitutional rights remain protected.

More About Assault Charges And Convictions

Sadly, many of these cases have close to no evidence to support them, but that does not stop the police and the state’s attorneys from pursuing them. The horrific truth about these charges, whether or not they’re supported by evidence is that they can very easily ruin your life and career.

Second-degree assault carries a maximum penalty of 10 years and/or a $2,500 fine. Suffice it to say, that if you have an assault case, you are fighting for your freedom.

The Importance Of Hiring A Trial Attorney

Very frequently, assaults and domestic violence charges become boiled down to “he said, she said” cases. In those cases, the judges or juries base their verdicts primarily on the credibility of the witnesses involved. For that reason, proper cross-examination of the state’s witnesses as well as preparing you to testify is of paramount importance.

As an experienced assault and domestic violence attorney, Bradley Shepherd has tried numerous cases and is familiar with courtrooms, judges and prosecutors throughout the state of Maryland.

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