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A Skilled Criminal Defense Attorney With A Track Record That Speaks For Itself

Criminal defense attorney Bradley Shepherd represents people in Catonsville from all walks of life who face serious state or federal drug charges at BSS Law, LLC.

His many successful results are why people in Catonsville and throughout Maryland reach out to him when they need help with a criminal defense matter. He has gotten cases dismissed, not-guilty jury verdicts and obtained successful plea bargains for his clients.

Visit the link below to learn more about his background. You can also read about his other successful criminal cases.

From drug offenses to domestic violence charges to murder or DUI, Bradley Shepherd has handled them all. He even assists with bail reviews and habeas corpus matters.

Has A Judge Issued A Warrant For Your Arrest?

Many people call my office and say, “I’ve got a warrant for my arrest and need help.”

These warrants are what’s called, bench warrants (because the others aren’t public record and you won’t know about them). You likely failed to show up to a hearing or follow a court rule.

If you do in fact have a warrant issued for your arrest, the bad news is that you have to go to jail. Police can arrest you at any time. Whether you’re pumping gas, buying groceries or at work – they can and will.

The good news is that you may be able to “self-surrender” on your own terms. Criminal defense attorney Bradley Shepherd can help.

About Self-Surrender

If you do in fact have a warrant for your arrest, I can reach out to authorities to see if we can arrange for a day and time for your surrender. This allows you to make plans for child care, time off work and other personal matters.

This also allows Bradley to investigate the nature of the arrest and ensure your rights were not violated.

Bradley’s Motto – To Arm You With The Facts

Contact BSS Law, LLC, today to talk about your situation. Bradley Shepherd’s motto is simple – he arms you with the facts and allows you to decide if you want to hire him. He offers free phone consultations.

Call 443-998-9450 or send an email.