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The Costly Consequences of Ineffective Assistance of Counsel

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2022 | Criminal Defense

When charged with a crime, you always look for the right attorney to represent you in court. The attorney that will represent you can either make you get reduced sentence and fair trial, or make you lose the case. As you look for an attorney, you need to ensure you get an experienced attorney who will give you the best representation in the courtroom.  

Ineffective Representation

When you head to the courtroom, it would always be best if you have a legal representative with you. However, you need to be keen and careful to get the best representation. Apart from walking into the courtroom without a legal representative, having ineffective representation can also bring forth costly consequences. When you hire an unskilled, and an attorney who has little or no experience in matters of the court, you will get bad representation, which will result in worst outcome. Some of the costly consequences of infective representation include:

Miss Key Evidences

Evidences are essential in criminal cases. The presence of evidence will be the base of the judgment. Your legal representative is the one supposed to ensure all evidences are in place, and well presented in court. When you hire an unskilled attorney, they might miss out on the important evidences, and this will largely affect the judgment.

Failure To Bring Witnesses

A good attorney understands the weight that witnesses carry in a case hearing, and will never fail to bring witnesses. However, when you have ineffective representation, the attorney might fail to get witnesses to testify in court. Lack of witnesses will cause costly consequences, like lack of fair judgment.

Failure To Interview Witnesses

Witnesses are essential in providing some key information that help in the case investigation. Because you cannot carry the investigation on your own, you always hire a representation. Your representative needs to interview the witnesses several times, and ask them to identify various places and objects as the way of gathering information. When you have an ineffective representation, he will not interview the witnesses, and this will greatly affect the outcome of the case.


All attorneys are not the same, they have different level of skills, different experiences, and interpret cases differently. As you look for an attorney, ensure you work with someone you can trust, and someone who really knows what they are doing. An ineffective representation will cost you a lot, and that is enough reason to find an attorney whom you can communicate with easily and get things in line.