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Consequences of a Domestic Violence Charge

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2022 | Criminal Defense

According to the statistics from the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program, there were 1,810 total arrests for offenses against the family and children in Maryland in 2019. Under Maryland law, a person may be arrested and charged with domestic violence for committing a crime – including assault, false imprisonment, stalking, child abuse, or causing serious bodily harm – against a family, household member, or intimate partner. Unfortunately, domestic violence allegations are serious and could jeopardize your personal reputation, quality of life, liberty, professional and future opportunities.

At BSS Law, LLC, Attorney Bradley Shepherd has the knowledgeable legal guidance and reliable representation to help individuals facing domestic violence charges. As a skilled Maryland criminal defense attorney, he can help evaluate every facet of your case, help you understand the potential punishment and consequences, and seek to strategize an effective defense to fight your charges.

BSS Law, LLC proudly serves clients in Catonsville, Columbia, Baltimore, and across the state of Maryland.

Domestic Violence in Maryland

According to Maryland Code Section 4-501, a person who commits any of the following crimes against a family or household member may be charged with domestic violence or domestic abuse:

  • Assault in the first degree or second degree

  • An act that causes serious bodily harm or places the victim in imminent fear of serious bodily harm.

  • Rape in the first degree or second degree and other sex crimes

  • Attempted sexual offense

  • Child abuse and abuse of a vulnerable adult

  • False imprisonment

  • Stalking

  • Revenge porn

Furthermore, family and household members include:

  • Current and former spouses

  • People related by marriage, blood, or adoption

  • Parents, stepparents, and children living together

  • People who have children together.

  • People who live together

An experienced attorney can review every aspect of your case and enlighten you about the possible penalties and consequences of a domestic violence charge.

Possible Consequences

In the State of Maryland, domestic violence charges often carry serious and potentially life-altering consequences with them. Being convicted of domestic abuse results in any of the following penalties or consequences:

Jail: Prison sentences range from months, years, or decades depending on the severity and seriousness of the specific criminal conduct. This could also result in fines or probation.

Treatment: The alleged defendant may be asked to attend drug abuse treatment or mandatory anger management classes.

Loss of Firearm Rights: The defendant will lose their rights to purchase, carry, or possess a firearm in Maryland.

Restraining Order: A protective or restraining order that requires the alleged defendant to stay away from the accuser.

Loss of Visitation Rights: A domestic violence conviction in Maryland may lead to loss of parental rights, child custody, or visitation rights.

Loss of Job and Other Benefits: A loss of job if you are confined in jail, and difficulties securing new employment, housing, and public benefits.

Deportation: Possible deportation from (if you’re a non-U.S. citizen) or inadmissibility into the United States.

If you have recently been charged with domestic violence in Maryland, you need to retain a highly-skilled criminal defense attorney right away. Your attorney can explore your possible defenses and outline an effective defense strategy to prevent the devastating consequences of a criminal conviction.

Legal Defenses

When facing domestic violence accusations, your attorney may fight your charges using any of the following legal defenses:

  • Self-defense

  • Defense of others

  • False accusations

  • Defense of property

  • Stand your ground (You didn’t do it)

  • Absence of injuries

  • Vindictive victim

  • Inconsistencies in the evidence

  • Error during the investigation

  • Mutual confrontation

  • Lack of corroboration by others

  • Disputing the facts of the underlying incident

  • The violence occurred due to the victim’s behavior

A skilled domestic violence defense attorney can step in quickly on your behalf, help negotiate with the state, and take proactive measures to prevent the case from even being filed.

How BSS Law, LLC Can Help

Allegations of domestic abuse and other forms of domestic violence in Maryland can cause irreparable damage to your personal and professional reputation. However, it is never advisable to defend yourself or navigate the criminal justice system without experienced representation. Therefore, when facing domestic violence charges, you need to act quickly and retain a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney to defend your rights and help build your defense.

Attorney Bradley Shepherd has devoted his career to handling criminal cases and defending individuals who have been wrongly accused of domestic violence. He can seek to uphold your legal rights and make sure that those false accusations don’t ruin your life.

Facing domestic violence charges can be terrifying. Don’t face it alone. Contact BSS Law, LLC today to schedule a simple case assessment with a skilled domestic violence defense lawyer. Attorney Bradley Shepherd has the comprehensive legal counsel, reliable advocacy, and aggressive representation you need to defend your charges. The firm is proud to represent clients in Catonsville, Columbia, Baltimore, and across the state of Maryland.