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Bradley Shepherd’s track record as a solo attorney speaks for itself. With successful acquittals, dismissals and plea bargains – he knows the law.

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Practice Areas

Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

Drug Charges

Drug Charges

Assault & Domestic Violence

Assault & Domestic Violence

Peace & Protective Orders

Peace & Protective Orders

Other Services

Other Services

Arming You With The Legal Information You Need

A five-minute phone call with an attorney who simply quotes you a fee doesn’t instill much trust in their service.

Can they keep you out of jail? Will they fight for your constitutional rights? Perhaps they’ll simply assign your case to an inexperienced associate right out of law school who knows little about court rules, judges, prosecutors.

At BSS Law, LLC, criminal defense attorney Bradley Shepherd’s motto is simple – you call him, he’ll talk to you about your situation, your charges and defenses available. Then, you can decide whether to hire him.

About Self-Surrender

Notable Results

Jury returned not-guilty verdicts. Facing over 30 years in jail, the defendant went home that same day.

Second-degree rape charges

In lieu of jail time, Bradley Shepherd successfully negotiated treatment programs. His client remains sober till this day.

Fourth DUI charge

Bradley challenged the search. Jury returned not-guilty verdicts. Facing 20 years, his client went home free that same day.

Possession of Marijuana and Heroin charges

Photo of Bradley S. Shepherd, Esq.

Bradley Shepherd

About Criminal Defense Attorney Bradley Shepherd

Bradley Shepherd represents individuals from all walks of life facing serious state and federal charges.

Sex charges, murder, assault – you name it – he’s defended a wide range of criminal charges. No case is too small or too big.

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“Bradley is an excellent lawyer. Attentive, knowledgeable and direct, Bradley does not beat around the bush and gets right to work.”

—J.P. D.

“The assistance Mr. Shepherd gave to my son was beyond reproach.”


—Felicia B.

“My husband and I sought out legal assistance due to ongoing difficulties resolving a dispute with another party.”

—Andrea O.

Don’t delay. The sooner you contact Bradley Shepherd, the sooner he can start investigating, protecting your rights and mitigating jail time or other penalties.